I had about 3 hours of sleep last night because I was working on homework, so, no update this week.

Later this week I might release a new version (v0.501) which will fix some bugs and make the minigames a bit easier.



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10 responses to “School

  1. jaxcheese

    Good, those minigames were HARD. I had to give up on the new weapon hack ’cause I couldn’t beat the rollercoaster or the heart collecting.

  2. sixtyseconds

    thank goodness

    I was raging at those minigames.

  3. Tryda

    Rollercoaster and hearts are by far the hardest

  4. GlitchHero9724

    I don’t -really- know what is meant with those minigames, but it sounds familiar, and very impossible!!!
    GOSHDARNIT they were hard!!!

  5. I tried and tried and tried again and beat them all except the rollercoaster. God, holding Right during the entire track, slowing down for careful jumps, jumping/pushing off all the cats and ending up 2nd with no cat at seek.

  6. Tryda

    I beat them and beat the games demo! Yay

  7. This is insignificant, but could you add some empty space at the top of the map of the Communication Towers? Cuz’ when I get at the top left corner the character gets covered by the weapon menu and I can’t see clearly where I am going.

  8. On IRC, you mentioned that you might change some of the weapons. I never got to ask you this yet, but how would you change the square gun and the broken spur?

  9. Tryda

    Hey, No new post? i thought it was updated every monday?

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