0.501 Released.

0.501 Released. Changes:

-Carnival games are easier
-Both cube gun and spur are fully automatic
-Hud now uses smaller weapon icons
-Various bugs fixed
-Updated orgviewer now included

Also from now on the main host for the game will be Dropbox. You can check the downloads tab for the download link.

[EDIT: EXECUABLE IS BROKEN. Download links are updated to fix bug that will be encountered in minigames involving a timer]



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3 responses to “0.501 Released.

  1. GlitchHero9724


  2. jaxcheese

    Whoa! Fully automatic weapons?! The game is WAY too easy now.

  3. Cool. By the way, I never reviewed the mod so I’ll say this, it was fun, but the damned snowboss moves downwards too quickly when you are under him. It’s the only thing that killed my when fighting him. Also, instead of fully automatic wepaons, how about weapons with 2 or 3 round bursts? That would make things a bit less cheap.

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