More translation work

I have had a bit of a busy weekend, so I did not get too much work done. However the Chapter 1 Translation is pretty much complete, and work has been started on the Chapter 2 Translation. Also this week’s post was late since it was thanksgiving weekend here in Canadia.



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6 responses to “More translation work

  1. I hope the Doukutsu Uploader people will appreciate this effort while I continue to stare at Japanese text I can’t comprehend.

  2. jaxcheese

    @carrotlord If you have Firefox and you get the Google translate add-on you can translate a whole webpage from Japanese and read it in the same format! Within seconds!

    • Mizuho

      @jaxcheese: That is, if you don’t mind the fact that it looks like garbage. Not that that matters, of course. It’s better if you were using a language based in Latin rather than something Asian (different grammatical structures). Sometimes Google is just as cryptic as the Japanese.

  3. jaxcheese


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