Release of Version 0.502

More bug fixes:
-Timer events in minigames should all work properly now
-Snowboss can no longer push you through walls that you aren’t supposed to go through



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5 responses to “Release of Version 0.502

  1. Cool. Please update the music page now.

  2. I have a BUG!when you are in the carnival and you re going to get the 6 ticket it says YOU WON!!! and after that it says TOO BAD!!!blah blah and i check and i only have 5 tickets no 6!!!this is UNFAIR!!!when i try to get it again i get NOTHING ohhhh whyyy!!!>:/ this is unfair unfair and U N F A I R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !please fix it!!!!!!

    • Was it at the heart minigame?

      This is a really stupid bug. I thought it was in the assembly, but I forgot to actually cancel the timer in the script -_-.

      Anyways your save is screwed, what HP did you have when you just got to the carnival? (max HP)

      • Darckray

        yes it was but i dont remember how much HP i had i already finished the demo so i was wondering (how much time do you think it take to finish the game (at least what you think)i ask this because i liked too much the demo so because of this i be decided to play the complete game because i want to se the end and kill bosses!!!(i cleared the game in normal mode)and one more thing i have an idea for a boss (a secret boss like ballos in cavestory)i dont mind to tell how it can be but i am asking if you can do a secret boss at the end of the game or something(if you already planned the game sorry for asking you this)i hope i dont cause you much trouble reading this

  3. Darckray

    ohh now i understand!!!the timer was running when i finished(so it was that!)

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