Translation Complete!

Well the japanese translation is finished. You can grab it from the downloads page or get it from the Doukutsu Uploader:

This means I can resume work on chapter 6.  I do not think I will be making any other translations for the game, since it is very time consuming.  Thanks again to Mizuho for translating pretty much all of it.



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10 responses to “Translation Complete!

  1. Well, maybe you can when you finish it. Or just have Mizuho do it after each indivual one.

    • “Just have [me] do it”? xD… Whyyyy~ Gir can also translate, you know. It’s not like he doesn’t know Japanese.

      • What I meant by other translations was translating the game into languages other than japanese. Translating the upcoming chapters won’t be too hard. I just don’t really want to go through the process of replacing all the scripts in the tsc files again.

  2. Still waiting for that music too. Do you want any spriting assistance on chapter 6? I know that you may need something Tower of Heaven related.

  3. Darckray

    hey if you are going to use a sword i have one (its very good)its in 24 bits but i dont know if you are going to use something like that and if you want you can change the color of the sword (im just asking)its the best sprite i ever maked so if you use it i can give you thanks if you want it tell me your e mail and i can send it to you and something more GOOD WORK GIRAKACHEZER!!!!for doing this amazing game (i just want to help at least see it)but again i dont know if you can use it because its a big one,you can minimize it please reply on my youtube channel i already posted comments to you and a question:do you need something?i can make sprites but i cant make places because im not ready to do such a work like that!i can do sprites like the sword i talked to you earlier (when more small its better and sorry if my english sucks i am almost learning)Bye bye!!!keep the amazing work!!!

  4. Darckray

    aha!!!i almost forgot if you want thw sword smaller (like a knive)i can do it!!!count on me please reply

  5. trickybilly

    Upload it to Japanese sites to make your mod more known.

  6. We have a response telling us how non-sensical the game is, even in Japanese LOL. “日本語訳というよりも無理やり日本語にした感が満載” from ニコニコ動画’s site.

  7. What’s going on backstage right now? Really long didn’t hear anything…

  8. Hi!, maybe if you want i can help you with a spanish translation.
    This can help if you want more people playing your mod. ^^

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