As I am sure some people have noticed, the blog has stopped updating for about a month now.  This is largely due to my laptop dying, and I am in the process of acquiring a new one.  Also final exams were this month as well, so I was a bit busy with studying for those.

In other news…

Moustache Riders – Ignition

I’m happy to announce the release of my first album on Bandcamp, “Moustache Riders – Ignition”. Each track can be purchased individually for a minimum of $1 per track, or the whole album can be downloaded for free (you have to go to pay for the album, but just enter “$0.00” as the price you want to pay). This may seem absurd, but it’s because Bandcamp only offers a limited number of free downloads, so they’ve got to count (get it while it’s still free!). The album consists of 11 original tracks composed entirely in PxTone, chiptune style.

Please give it a listen and let me know what you think of it! Any and all feedback is much appreciated.



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7 responses to “Downtime

  1. In Serbia it is very hard, sometimes impossible to buy via internet. If I’ll have a normal, foreign credit-card (plan to get one though when I visit Hungary) I might buy some of your tracks just for support… I’m enjoying the songs much so far, might get a full review via PM if I finish listening. Until then I suggest you figure out good ways how to sell it, for e.g. advertise it. It’s almost as important as composing itself if you want to earn money. :) Best wishes, trickybilly

  2. Ben

    I just wanted to drop in real quick and mention how impressed I am with this mod, and how long you’ve stuck with completing it. I’ve played every version for the past four years, and they’ve been real bright spots in my life.

    I just bought the Moustache Riders album. I’ve only listened to Riders and Hometown atm, but judging from those I can tell I’m gonna enjoy the rest of it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come out with next!

  3. Are you going to release the ORG versions of “Ignition”? On the same plane of multi-phasic existance, are any of the tracks going to be in WTF?

  4. Master Of Mortis

    Soooo… Is that a negative Ghost Rider?

  5. Will WTF?Story ever be finished? Or do you think you will never have the time?

  6. Fluff8836

    It is now just like “The Show” blog now. Gir, change the header from “Updates every Monday” to “Updates WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT.” (or something similar) You were absent closer to five months now!

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