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15 responses to “Options Menu

  1. GlitchHero9724

    Sure haven’t had WTFBlog updates in my mailbox for a long time xD what took you?

    On-topic: hmm… I like what I see. But how. The. Fork. Have you done that?!?!
    Did that imply new coding systems or whatever, something new?

  2. Andrew

    Yay! Is new version coming?

  3. jaxcheese

    You’re alive?!!

  4. Mr. Nerd

    *is relieved* thanks for updating, I’m gonna try this soon.

  5. Holy crap! Your laptop got fixed!

  6. Hey GIR I’ve been doing a playthrough of WTF Story on YouTube. Come check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kVYbP95glo

  7. So does this mean you already put it in a new update?

  8. jaxcheese

    Not really alive then, I guess.

  9. ht

    How can I take contact with the author?
    I localized [Ja] up to Chapter 5.

  10. jaxcheese

    How’s this been going? I’m not trying to beg for an update or anything, but I haven’t heard much about this in a while. Also, did Moustache Riders ever become a full game? Is that in progress?

  11. Aar

    Moustache Riders is an album. Learn to read.

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