Indefinitely On Hold

So some of you might have already figured this out, since it’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything to this blog, but for those still in the dark/new to WTF Story I’ll just spell it out:

This mod is indefinitely on hold, and may never see a release past what’s currently released.  I’m sorry if you were looking forward to more WTF Story.

In other news however, I have started work on another project, that project being Rip.


This is a project I am currently working on with whitepool, and I post updates on its development on my tumblr (  Posts related to the game are in the “rip (game)” tag.

But yeah, no more WTF Story.  It’s a shame, since I promised myself I wouldn’t let this project die, but it grew bigger in terms of workload than I expected.

I’ll be keeping up all the download links for as long as I can though.  So don’t worry about those or this blog disappearing anytime soon (unless wordpress shuts down or something).



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8 responses to “Indefinitely On Hold

  1. jaxcheese

    Sad to see it go :(
    But good luck with your future projects, I’ll definitely continue to follow them.

  2. Master Of Mortis


  3. Well GIR, whether or not anything else becomes of this mod, you’ve certainly left your mark. To this day, I still consider WTF to be, hands down, the best CS mod out there. It’s always a pleasure to replay it, and I always take in all of the work put into it. It’s very sad for me to come face to face with the reality that there isn’t going to be more of it (most likely). Best of luck with your future development endeavors.

  4. Super excited for Rip, but can you at least release everything you’ve gotten done so far for WTF Story? I totally understand if you can’t, it’s just editing in an ending for myself just won’t be as fun as playing everything you’ve made.

    • The latest version of WTF Story pretty much is all that was ever made. I basically quit working on it right after Chapter 5 was completed/released, due in part to the double res hack causing some unfixable bugs on specific OS’s.

      • Hey GIR, are you willing to tell how the rest of WTF Story would’ve gone, if you had anything planned for the story? I know it’s indefinitely on hold, but i’m dying to know. (Rip is awesome so far, by the way)

  5. You can pass the project to somebody else to work on it. I can work on it for you or something.

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