WTF story is a modified version of the original Cave Story for the PC. If you have not already played Cave Story, I recommend you play it immediately. It features:
-New enemies (they appear in the latter half of the game)
-New bosses (they also appear in the latter half of the game)
-New music (most of the songs in game are covers of songs from various videogames, read credits.txt for more details).
-New graphics
-Overall an entirely new game based on the Cave Story engine.
-An Easy mode (for those who prefer less struggle and death overall)


6 responses to “About

  1. 404notfound

    Were can i get the ENTIRE story guide

  2. Rand Fett

    Hello. My name is Rand Fett. I am a Japanese. And I played WTF story in Japanese. The game has a lot of correction place. Them I am going to translation WTF story in Japanese. I`m going to on that http://doukutsu.rdy.jp/ I will translate WTF story!

  3. Shotgunz25

    For some reason I watched playthroughs of the game. The playthroughs had the weird wind blowing thing but when I download it the wind things are gone. This is very annoying in the beginning area when you have to go through a maze of blocks in which you can screw yourself over pretty easily and get stabbed in multiple areas by a spike.

  4. my name is teleporters and I just need support and help the game I was making need help it was about this spin off of Cave Story it was Game Maker engine so I’d need your support

  5. hey I need your help im having a Kickstarter of Cave Story moon tears. based on Cave Story fanfiction….

    let’s rent by Game Maker engine like yours so I need your help how do you go inside rooms doors?

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