Special Thanks

-dooey100 -for helping me learn assembly, and help with ideas
-Steve -one of my first alpha testers
-Noxid -ideas and alpha tester
-Lace -alpha tester
-Serious Face -alpha tester
-Ralren -alpha tester
-sexplosive – alpha tester
-VoidMage_Lowell -alpha tester
-Carrorlord – alphatester
-Online worms -Great title screen & helped with some of the chapter 5 tilesets
-RuneLancer -Made some great assembly notes
-S.P. Gardebiter -also made various hacking notes
-Pixel -made Cave Story


3 responses to “Special Thanks

  1. Uhm… Is there any other Modder Guide somewhere around in the internets? Cuz DragonBoots’ one is offline…

    Really appreciated!

  2. Steve

    long time no speak, buddy :D

    I’ve not used MSN in years, hows development going for WTF Story now?

    Ganna have to get your skype or something and catch up!


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