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WTF story v 0.504 :(Mediafire)
WTF Story Download

WTF Monogatari v 0.504 「日本語」:(Mediafire)
WTF Monogatari Download

MP3 download (music used in WTF Story/ currently outdated):

If any of the links don’t work, please report it by leaving a comment.


87 responses to “Downloads Page

  1. Unknown

    Mirror Link 1 does not work. Can you also make esnips and mediafire direct downloads for the teens who have strict parents(media sharing blockage)?

    • Yeah it was down for awhile, sorry, but it’s back up now (Mirror Link 1).
      And as for making esnips and mediafire direct downloads, I don’t think I can do that since that’s not how free uploading sites like those work.

  2. how is it you make the org files into MP3’s? If you use a recording program, could you tell me what it is?

  3. Master of Mortis

    Is your username Giraka Cheezer, Gir (also known as) Cheezer, or Gir Akacheezer?

  4. Master of Mortis

    Doth thou mind if I call thee “Giraka”? It doth sound like a Bionicle!!! (Another good idea for thine video game!!!)

  5. Master of Mortis

    Assuming your’e execedingly skilled at hacking, could you give me a site to an editor? Which one do you use? I’ve tried “Cave editor”, but Doukutsu gives me an error in japanese. And so far, it’s the only one I’ve seen that can mod “pbm”s.

  6. Master of Mortis

    Thanks Matt!!!!! It finally works!! Do you know of this “island mod contest”?

  7. TheGag96

    Hey, I downloaded WTF Story, I extracted it to my desktop (The folder with everything in it of course) and ran it and it stopped working as soon as I opened it. I’ve gotten regular Cave Story to work (Hell, I’ve beaten the whole game, Ballos and everything), but not this one. Could you help?

  8. MANSTA8

    Wow I’m loving the game and the music so far!
    btw what is the boss theme based on? I’ve been looking for it for a while now.

  9. Please make version 0.5!!!!



  10. U know me

    Double the above request!!!,am crazy with this game!.

  11. JerksWithWhips

    Just one question: Are the graphics WiiWare style or PC style?

  12. Chai

    Hmmm, I’ve unzipped and tried running all three of the .exes (both WTF Easy and the normal one) and a few seconds after the window opens, we’ve got a big nasty error that says the program has to close. Though, I don’t have any problems with Cave Story.
    What can I do to fix this? This game looks awesome ._.

  13. Chai

    Usually, its ‘WTF Story.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry about the inconvenience.’
    Generalised program crash error.

    I can give you the details of the error report, if you’d like. Maybe you’ll finally stamp out this bug. :D

  14. M3nd3z

    I love this game!!!!

    I want the version 0.5, NOW!!!!

  15. Do you know any 3D engines? A7 is clearly programed, released & ran by Beelzebub, while Blender has impossibly lame graphics…… & thank to my job in the custodial arts, I have a small budget. & by small, I mean 0.

  16. Cavefan101

    Hey can you tell me how to mod cave story becouse I have awsome ideas for a mod and I have the dsi version and I wanna know how please help.

  17. Cavefan101

    It’s gonna be called secret story. It’s has so many secrets and it’s going to be masivlely long and it will have many weapons and it will have teliport.

    • I would sugest downloading doukutsu, then downloading:

      Cave Story


      Cave Editor
      Most of these guys are good, but you would need to know how to program doukutsu to even get started…. :( Have fun! By the way, do you know you sound like the i phone bear?

    • Mainly because (if you haven’t checked out the tribute you wouldn’t know this) most of the editors (Like Cave editor, Sue’s Workshop, Miza) are P.C based. There *might* be one for Mac, but otherwise… Yeah. & how can you’ve typed that on an i Phone when you have such horrific spelling discrepancies?

  18. Tryda

    I’m a fail. I’m just not thinking and yes I have a computor. I’m working on final story AKA the fallen island. By any chance could you tell me how to edit tiles using paint? That and editing Ncp health is the only thing I haven’t figured out how to do.

    • You need Cave Editor. Seriously. I want you to want Cave Editor!*

      *Kudos if you got the Cheap Trick reference. I’m serious, I’ll come to your specified area of residency and hand you the tasty snack bar “Kudos”!

  19. Pingback: WTF Story Version 0.5 released! | WTF Story progress & updates.

  20. Tryda

    I have cave editor and I’m about 1/3 done with V.0.1

  21. Ryan

    when i load the game in sue’s workshop there are no maps, so the game wont play. please help.

  22. I would very much like to have the mp3 of Ice Cap Zone. UPDATE YOUR MUSIC!

  23. jaxcheese

    I second hymynameismatt’s request. PLEASE update your music. I need the minigame theme!!!

  24. Cmon man. I want an mp3 of icecap zone in org format.

  25. One of doukutu fan in Japan

    This game does not work.
    Actually, it freezes when I chose save file in titlle.
    Only easy mode in English works, but it also freezes in beginining of Chapter 1.
    I tried to Redownload the game several time and tried both this site’s link and Japanese Doukutu Uploader, but it is not any meaning.

    I’m Japanese and in Japan. Do you think it has some reason for this problem?
    I’m sorry for writing bad English.

    • The game does have some issues on certain computers where it just won’t run. This is probably because of the double resolution hack, which does some things that not all OS’s like. It’s a bug I have yet to resolve. It’s probably not related to your computer being japanese.

      Could you post the details of the error code that windows pops up when it crashes? Normally it will give some offsets and that will help me fix it.

      All I can recommend for you to do right now is to try it on another computer.

      • datboy132

        the one mediafire link has too many people on it can you make a second link to the game download

  26. Norse_Ninja

    I can’t see the booster stream in your recent upload, & the shot sprites are… I am also assume to be abnormal.

  27. Ryutto

    mac version please? :D

  28. Still waiting on those mp3s. The torture of me asking will end when you do it. I REALLY liked your version of Icecap Zone.

  29. dmc

    first link game in easy does not work cant do anything…..

  30. ALS

    there is a locked door at the beginning,
    how do i get past it?

  31. GIR! I think I found the crashing problem!
    It was something along the lines of “Data Execution Prevention”, and it would stop the program. But to fix it, you just had to go into Control Panel and find “System”. Then, you would go click Advanced, and then Advanced again, I believe, and finally Data Execution Prevention or whatever, and add WTF Story or WTF Easy to the allowed list! I have only had this problem on Vista, and Windows 7 doesn’t do this at all.

    • Yes, it is Data Execution Prevention. It goes Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Performance -> Advanced -> Data Execution Prevention. In case this helps, here is copy-pasta’d text from Windows Help and Support about DEP.

      “Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. Harmful programs can try to attack Windows by attempting to run (also known as execute) code from system memory locations reserved for Windows and other authorized programs. These types of attacks can harm your programs and files.

      DEP can help protect your computer by monitoring your programs to make sure that they use system memory safely. If DEP notices a program on your computer using memory incorrectly, it closes the program and notifies you.”

  32. It appears that you edited some of the game’s scripts. I would like to know what language you used and what programming language Cave Story was written in. Also, how do you hack into the actual code? I would like to know.

  33. lochedlock

    really wish there would be a mac version of this… I really want to play it :(

  34. lochedlock

    is it just me, or is Chapter 4’s train section super buggy? -___- parts of it are not making any sense at all (esp. with the introduction of the heavy falling blocks).

  35. MyChar.bmp

    So, who turns out to be replacing Quote when he dies trapped by Excerpt?

  36. a big fan

    i need more version

  37. a big fan

    my version is 0.504 plz make more i want to see what happens

  38. Another Fan

    we’re still here. still waiting. don’t make this half-baked like everyone else man.

  39. a big fan

    is this abandond?

  40. Someone who really found a bug/glitch/whatever...

    Well, I don’t know what else I should be supposed to do, so I’m just leaving a comment in here. I found a huuuge glitch, bug whatever you want to call it and I mean huuuge. After getting the Portal gun, you are able to keep your Booster though it should break. In the room in which it break (forgot how it is called) just shoot an portal upwards after you entered and then the other one to the right. If you are moving to the right, it immediately breaks, but if NOT… what then? Yes, you’ll be able to keep it. I did excactly that and then the game was nothing. At Excerpt’s trap, when the platform disappears I WAS EVEN ABLE TO SURVIVE. It’s like I’m cheating, though, I didn’t. So I guess you better go and fix that little “problem”. Well, anybody even notices this comment.

    That’s it, Bye then!

    • The portal gun run is broken in general. I don’t fix bugs that are reported with it since I consider it to exist outside of normal gameplay. The Portal Gun is too easy to abuse to fix all the bugs.

  41. a big fan

    it hasent updated in a year or so

  42. a big fan

    so this wont be finishd?

  43. Mr. Nerd

    Will try this and PC Cave Story once I get my once-Vista-now-XP back. Any problems I should be aware of on XP? I have the DSi version on my 3DS.

  44. I use XP and its fine, although you might want to put it on the 25 fps setting…
    The original CS should be fine too because it was made on XP, also, girakacheeser, when are you going to make another demo?

  45. ihatemicrosoft

    Hey, i’m trying to make a mod following your instructions, but it keeps going back to read only. also, i have to come back to my parents in a month (still a kid) and we have linux will it work on that too?

  46. Right click it and click properties, then click read only until it isn’t highlighted, then click OK, if that doesn’t make it non-read only, if that doesn’t work then you’re screwed.

    And I don’t think you can mod CS on anything exept for Windows.

    • ihatemicrosoft

      @ hate9 i found a work around, and to anyone having trouble with the whole windows seven, read only issue wtf story just so happens to not be a read only file. thanks hate 9

  47. big fan 2

    sometimes i wonder what are you doing?

  48. this game is so hard and that what i like about this game

  49. mark

    Are you still working on this?

  50. rh7177

    is this game going to be finished?

  51. Evil Epic Nub

    This mod is just absolutely amazing!
    I am wondering, do you still update it?

  52. Michał Szyjkowski

    THis Game Is Fantastic !!!!!!

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