0.504 Released

-fixes bug in script in first secret mission in easy.



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Translating and version 0.503

0.503 released:
-Fixed a major bug in the heart minigame script.

I really hope this is the last time I have to release a bug fix for 0.5.

The translations for Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 are all done, thanks to head translator Mizuho. If she keeps up at this pace, the translation might be complete by next week.


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Release of Version 0.502

More bug fixes:
-Timer events in minigames should all work properly now
-Snowboss can no longer push you through walls that you aren’t supposed to go through


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More translation work

I have had a bit of a busy weekend, so I did not get too much work done. However the Chapter 1 Translation is pretty much complete, and work has been started on the Chapter 2 Translation. Also this week’s post was late since it was thanksgiving weekend here in Canadia.


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0.501 Released.

0.501 Released. Changes:

-Carnival games are easier
-Both cube gun and spur are fully automatic
-Hud now uses smaller weapon icons
-Various bugs fixed
-Updated orgviewer now included

Also from now on the main host for the game will be Dropbox. You can check the downloads tab for the download link.

[EDIT: EXECUABLE IS BROKEN. Download links are updated to fix bug that will be encountered in minigames involving a timer]


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Blog updates have been delayed since I am still working on fixing things up for v 0.501 (the bug fix patch and difficulty adjustment).

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I had about 3 hours of sleep last night because I was working on homework, so, no update this week.

Later this week I might release a new version (v0.501) which will fix some bugs and make the minigames a bit easier.


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